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Welcome To Zero Carb Diary

This blog is to document my journey on the Zero Carb diet. A few years back I started to feel ill. I mean really ill. I was tired all the time. I was always in pain, from head to toe some days. I felt like something was seriously wrong. It turns out I was a Type 2 Diabetic. To cut a long story short, I decided to try the Zero Carb Diet and this blog is here for me to document my journey.  I hope this can become a good resource for those wanting to follow the diet.

I started this diet in early January 2018 – my starting weight was 23st 5lb.  I will post weekly my progress and any updates here as well as informational posts about the Zero Carb Diet.

I am not an expert or a doctor, and I can only share with you my own experiences. I hope you can learn something from this site.

My Progress Blog

My Zero Carb Journey- Post One

A few years ago I went to the doctors feeling rough, with pains and tiredness.  I was tired but couldn’t sleep. I hurt all over from head to toe. I was constantly thirsty and up all-night peeing. I genuinely felt awful ALL THE TIME. It turned out (as I am sure you...

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My Zero Carb Journey- Post Two

It’s the day before I start my Zero Carb Diet and I am eager to get this going. I am feeling the effects of an over indulgent Christmas which includes high blood sugars and tight trousers. Along with the high blood sugar is a whole host of symptoms, nerve...

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My Zero Carb Journey – Post Three (Week One)

Its been a week (well a week and 2 days actually) since I started the Zero Carb Diet and I have lots to report. I have had some issues buts all in all its been a good week. I am going to try and structure these weekly updates so I have consistence week to...

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My Zero Carb Journey – Post Four (Week Two)

Well, that’s the end of my second week on the Zero Carb Diet done and dusted. I have lost a bit more weight so I am happy about that. I ate more food than last week and have been more prepared and taken lunch to work each day. I haven’t had any cheese (not...

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Zero Carb FAQ’s

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These are some questions i had when starting that i found the answers to. Hope they can help!

Anything from the animal kingdom. The main advice here is ‘Eat Meat. Drink Water’ – A kind of mantra in the ZC community. This does include in eggs and dairy but this can cause issues for some.  ‘Eat Meat and some diary if you can tolerate it’ don’t have the same ring to it. You cant go wrong with just meat and water tho.
I think this come down to personal preference. From what i have read, most people do not take anything. In fact some advice against them all together(unless your doctor has put you on them). If you suffer from cramps or headaches during the begging then Potassium and/or Magnum supplements have reported to help. Adding sea salt to your cooking can also help with this.
No. While following the zero carb diet you will be ‘in ketosis’ – which means your body burns fat for fuel and not sugar. But the diet is different. The keto diet allows plants. ZC don’t!
Within the community it is recognised that grass fed cows are better, but grain fed is also more than acceptable. Some see no real benefit. Go with what you can afford. The keto community seem a little stricter with this.

Personal FAQ’s

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These are some questions i have had asked of me, i am a newbie to this WOE so i don’t have many answers!

I started the Zero Carb Diet on the 3rd of January 2018 – So i am very much a newbie still.  I did try the keto diet off and on for about 12 months before the Zero Carb Diet.
My weight as of the 3rd January 2018 was 23st 5lbs (327lbs)! I have a lot to lose!
I eat steak, burgers, chicken, pork, BACON, eggs & Cheese. I also drink water and coffee (black unsweetened coffee).
What i eat might change over time as i am still very new. I have drastically reduced the amount of cheese i eat, but i may cut that out all together at some point if i feel it is effecting me.

Latest Blog Posts

The Truth About Cholesterol

The zero carb diet significantly increases the amount of fat we eat and in turn often throws up the question of ‘What about cholesterol’? When I explained to friends and family I am eating a high fat diet, they always say something along the...

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Why We Get Fat: Book Review

The modern world is dealing with an obesity epidemic, its one of the reasons people head for the zero carb diet. Obesity is the main reason for the rising number of lifestyle diseases around the world. While the awareness to live a healthy and...

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Cholesterol Clarity: Book Review

Health is a major concern for everyone in life, especially when eating a zero carb diet. The kind of lifestyle’s we lead these days is leading to an increase in lifestyle diseases. Cholesterol is a scary word for most. But not all know what all...

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Smoking Meat

The zero carb diet gives us permission to eat as much meat as we want, and in some cases its about eating as much as our bodies need. For some this is a lot of meat. Variety is a good thing, it can make it easier for us for sure.  I have seen some great...

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A short guide to steak cuts

The Zero Carb Diet is all about the meat, and not just any meat but STEAKS! Before this WOE I was never the biggest steak fan. I enjoyed a nice steak now and then but would much rather a great big juicy burger or a dish that had pasta or a bit...

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Crispy Chicken Thins

I am a real chicken fan and during any low carb diet in the past I have used this method to cook my chicken. It’s an old recipe my mum used to cook at parties. We called them chicken thins and they are beautiful. On the zero carb diet when...

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Bacon Wrapped Burgers

A great zero carb recipe. This is a pretty standard burger recipe, I went looking for different recipes but they are all similar. The best thing to do is try all different methods and see what works best for you.  This method is mine, and it’s a...

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Reverse Seared Steak

I have never been able to really cook a steak well. I would take it out of the fridge, season with salt and pepper and then fry it. It would be ok, it would be much tougher than you get it in restaurants and the flavour was never anything special. Since...

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