I am new to the Zero Carb Diet, but I am not new to the concept of fat actually being good for us. For a while now I have aware that we have been wrong for decades about the role of fat in our diets. Back in the 1950’s when Ancel Keys claimed fat was the cause of obesity and heart disease, we listened and changed the way we eat. We were fooled by his science, his research that is now known to be flawed and possibly purposely manipulated to fit his own agenda.  The sugar industry has paid good money over the years for research in to fat vs sugar, and always sugar wins! But slowly we are starting to see the truth and more and more people are backing the new research that show fat is not only good for us, but essential.

So hear are 6 reasons we should be eating fat:

  1. Our bodies need energy to run, the more energy we have the better we can operate. The amount of energy held in a gram of fat, is more than the energy held in any other nutrient. So fat is a super way to deliver the energy that our bodies need. I am sure you have heard the benefits of running on ketone’s!
  2. Insulin is a very important hormone in our bodies. However, if we have more than the very small amount we actually need it will damage our bodies. It is also known as the ‘fat making hormone’. Insulin converts sugar to fat on our body and then stores it in our body. When insulin spikes, it leads us to those dreaded energy crashes that in turn make us crave more food. Most likely sweet food! Fat has next to no impact on our insulin production, therefore it’s a great food to feed our bodies without the excess insulin.
  3. Another good thing about fat is the fact that is actually slows down the rate our body can absorb carbohydrates. This helps to keep our blood sugar levels under control and in turn our insulin levels. When our blood sugars are high our body increases the levels of cortisol in our blood stream. Cortisol is our stress hormone. It has its uses but it harmful. It will keep your blood sugars high and cause inflammation too.
  4. Fat is very filling, and will keep you fuller for longer. Ask anyone on a high fat diet how full they feel and how hunger isn’t an issue for them.
  5. Fat contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.
  6. Our body uses fat as its building blocks. It’s the fat in our diet that can form strong cell membranes, as well as helps to build our sex hormones. Our brains are highly dense in fat and cholesterol and uses the good saturated fat in our diets to make myelin too. Myelin is the insulators that join your brain cells to each other. When you take that fat away from the diet you are taking away the bodies best building blocks. This affects so many areas, the problems are endless.

Maybe I should add a number 7 here! IT TASTES GREAT! Fat is what makes our food taste so great.  Its when they started to take fat out of our food they had to start adding sugar for taste.

We know better now than we did then, so lets bring back fat and live happy healthy lives.