The Carnivore Diet is one of the simplest diets you can find.  But we are so used to diets that are complicated, diets that need to weigh and measure food or calculate macros or calories or points.

The carnivore diet food list is simple and easy to stick to with no need to count or weigh anything. On top of that, because most diets are so restrictive on how much you can eat, we learn to bargain and find ways around the rules, cheats that technically fit inside the parameters of the diet.


No Snacking


What diet doesn’t have some form of “snack” or “treat” made with low fat or low sugar alternatives? When people come to the carnivore diet, those same mindsets come with them and can hinder the results.

The carnivore diet food list is split into two sections; the first is the optimal food list. These are the foods we should be eating as much as we like.

Then there is sub-optimal section; these are the foods that acceptable in small quantities as long as they don’t cause you any issues such as cravings or some form of intolerance reaction.

Outside of this list there is nothing you can incorporate, even if they are carbohydrate-free.

Don’t let this scare you. This diet works for so many people because it takes all those treats and snacks out of the equation.

We know the food we can eat and enjoy and we stick to it. This diet is about breaking the addiction we have to food.  This will become clear to you as you progress with this diet.

Carnivore Diet

Optimal foods – The staple of our diet.


Here is a list of the food you should be eating on the carnivore diet. You can eat as much or as little from this list as you like. There is no need to worry about the quantities here.

Meat from any animal

Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit, boar, pheasant, venison, veal, salmon, prawns, tuna, any seafood is good; the list is endless.

Any animal is good to eat, even kangaroo and camel if its available to you!  There is no meat that is out of bounds.

Any cut of meat and in any form is fine too

Steak, minced, ground, joints, chops, bacon, burgers, sausages, legs, wings, ribs, necks, belly, offal. Any and every part of the animal is good to eat, so go nuts! Just don’t eat nuts.

I should point out that when buying more processed meats like burgers, sausages or sandwich meats, it is important to make sure that nothing other than a small amount of seasoning has been added.

Most processed meat has sugars and grains or flours added to bulk them up. Some have sugar and chemicals too.  You need to check the packaging of these items.

Dairy products (except milk as it has high amounts of lactose which is dairy sugar)

Full fat cream, cheese, butter, eggs, full-fat yogurt.

Some people can not tolerate dairy and some can only tolerate some dairy items. The only dairy I have is eggs. I find that the rest will cause me skin issues.

Cheese will also cause me to crave too. When buying cheese, make sure it is full fat, fat is our friend, and often they replace the fat with sugars or chemicals to improve the taste.

Also check the ingredients of soft cheese spreads. If butter is an issue for you, then you can try Ghee which is butter that has had all the dairy proteins removed, and you should be ok.

Sub-optimal foods


This part of the carnivore diet food list are the items that we can have in small amounts, and only if we tolerate them. Some of these you may use at the beginning to help you stick with it, and then you can filter them out of your diet.

Tea & Coffee

Many people in the community have no issue with tea and coffee. But some find it stalls weight loss and diminishes hunger too.  It is advised that if you keep these, you have these after you have eaten, so they do not mess with your hunger signals.

You are trying to learn your bodies true hunger signals. These are not always easy to spot, and anything that suppresses the signals can stop us from eating enough.

Salt, pepper & spices

These are acceptable but come at a cost. They might be helpful at first to keep on this way of eating.

You might find you become bored with certain foods and need something a little extra.

This feeling passes as we stick to it, and seasoning becomes less needed or even wanted.

Be careful when using salt and spices to season food as it can often make us eat more than we need.  When we eat meat plain as it is, our body will tell us clearly when we are full.

But when we add these additional tastes to our food, that part of the brain that sees this a reward or something special will override those natural sensations for being full. Bare this in mind.

Try to keep these to a minimum, or only use when you are in real need of a different taste.


Hot sauce, mayo, ranch, blue cheese, can be used if you are really struggling to eat just meat.  Just be careful of the ingredients. There are a few mustard’s out there that have no sugar in them.

You are best off if you can make your own, that way you know what is going in them. Again, these are to be used in small amounts, and you need to check the packaging.

As time goes on and your tastes change, the need for these things will probably disappear.


I know that this also sits in the optimal food list, but I believe it should really sit here.  Some people are ok and can have small amounts of cheese.

But out of all the dairy, it is most likely to stall weight loss, cause cravings and affect inflammation in the body. If you can, I would do at least the first 30 – 60 days cheese-free, and if you still want it later, introduce it and see how it affects you.

If you find that you can’t stop eating the cheese or it causes cravings then stop. It is making it harder for you.

Pork rinds/pork scratchings

These are absolutely fine to have on the diet, but if you start using them as a snack then this can cause issues around cravings and eating more than you need.

Same as the spices and seasoning they can mess with your hunger. Having snacks is a bad habit.  But technically they are completely fine as a carnivore food.

Just be careful of added ingredients if you buy them from the shop.  Feel free to move these to the optimal list if you are ok with them.


carnivore diet food list

Artificial sweeteners

The carnivore diet food list contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners at all. There are good reasons for this.

Firstly, these sweeteners are chemicals that are designed to trick our brains in thinking we are eating sugar. They are no good for us, and there is much research on the damage they do to our bodies.

For this reason alone, we should avoid them.

They can also stall weight loss.  When our mouths taste something sweet, our bodies start getting ready to process sugar. This involves increasing insulin in our blood to handle the sugar.

The hormone insulin is our fat hormone, and it turns what we have eaten to fat.  There are many reasons we do not want to increase the amount of insulin we produce, and weight gain is just one of them.

As well as this, sweeteners will keep us hooked to sugar. We are tempting our body’s with sugar, and so it will often crave it when that promise of sugar isn’t fulfilled.

We want to get rid of anything sweet tasting. This will ultimately make this diet easier.


Eating enough


Above is the carnivore diet food list, but making sure you eat enough can be a real issue for people for many reasons. For those that have dieted for most their lives, the need to restrict is deeply ingrained in their psyche, and feel that this will help with weight loss.  The carnivore diet is not all about weight loss.

It’s about changing mindsets, eating the way our bodies are designed to eat.  If you don’t get eat enough fat you will simply fail in this way of eating.


You will also suffer side effects such as headaches, cravings, nausea, fatigue, bad moods, etc. If you eat until you are truly full and you make sure that you have enough fat in your diet, this diet will change your life.

You will lose your appetite too at some points in the beginning. Your body is used to burning sugar, and this requires the sugar to be topped up regularly, and so the hunger pangs are strong.

When your body is burning fat, this isn’t he case. After a while, you may only need to eat once a day. But the hunger signals on this diet are not as strong as when eating carbs.

If you find you haven’t eaten for a while, cook some meat. When you start eating, if you enjoy it and can finish it all, then you were indeed hungry.

If you try and eat it but can’t, then you are not hungry so save it for later. This is very important while you learn your body’s signals.


Final Thoughts


Sticking to the food list above is all you need to do to be successful in the carnivore diet. Its simple to understand, a bit tougher to stick to but well worth the effort.

Make sure you do your research and understand exactly how this diet works and why you will benefit from a high-fat diet.

I would love to hear your comments below, and please post any questions you have too.

Good luck