Health is a major concern for everyone in life, especially when eating a zero carb diet. The kind of lifestyle’s we lead these days is leading to an increase in lifestyle diseases. Cholesterol is a scary word for most. But not all know what all the fuss it is about. The moment we hear the word cholesterol, we conveniently acknowledge it to be something bad. Jimmy Moore breaks the stereotype in his book ‘Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is wrong with my numbers?’.

He cuts through the myths associated with cholesterol, and teaches us that it is not something to be scared off, in fact it is essential for the good running of our bodies. Without it we would be dead.  We have all been told that eating too much red meat and too much saturated fats will increase the level of cholesterol in our bodies which will in turn clog our arteries and strangle our hearts ultimately leading to serious heart problems and death!

If being on the zero carbs diet teaches us one thing, it is that science is not always right. What we are told about diet and health most often benefits those at the top, pumping money into the food industry while our actual heath continues to suffer.  The aim of most the science out there in regards to food health is backed by the sugar companies and big pharma! They have no interest in our health, only their bottom line.

Jimmy Moore does a great job of breaking down the facts in this book and explaining to us the truth about cholesterol and how it really effects our bodies, how it is made, what its effects are. He truly crushes the myths and the false science. This book is an essential read if you want to get a real understanding of what cholesterol is and how it is measured.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cholesterol
For all the cholesterol virgins out there, this book is all you need to know A-Z about cholesterol. This book covers everything from basic concepts to complications it can cause a person. The reader can know about the myths related to cholesterol, the goodness it has, what the tests results mean, what treatments are best, and what all are misconceptions are around the subject. If you have had a cholesterol test, or are just a curious soul, this masterpiece by Jimmy Moore is for you.

Well-written blueprint of Cholesterol
The best thing about this book is that it is written keeping in mind the mass audience. Most books you find in the bookshelves about health and related subjects tend to get technical. The use of complex science and technical words takes a non-science reader off the track. Moore kept that in mind and has written this book for the mass audience. Though there are instances where certain terms and concepts have popped up, Moore has very wisely added ‘Moments of Clarity’ and ‘Key Cholesterol Clarity Concepts’ to help the readers. This includes an easy to understand explanation of the concept or an explanation about something from an expert.

Too much detail
I wouldn’t call this a drawback, but this book offers a lot of information on cholesterol. While there is never enough knowledge in the world on a topic like cholesterol, not every reader would want to know all that is given in this book. Anyone not wanting all the nitty gritty details on the topic can easily skip some sections of the book which go too deep into the concerned topic.

In a nutshell, this book will walk you through the do’s and don’t s of cholesterol. What to worry about and what not to. It will give you a superior understanding of the subject, even more so than most doctors. It will expel any worries you have about eating the zero carb diet and put your mind at ease. This really is essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about their health and their diet when it comes to cholesterol.

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