I am a real chicken fan and during any low carb diet in the past I have used this method to cook my chicken. It’s an old recipe my mum used to cook at parties. We called them chicken thins and they are beautiful. On the zero carb diet when eating chicken you always want to keep the skin on as its where the fat is at! So this a is a great way to eat chick with the skin so its juicy and has more fat.

This recipe works best with chicken thighs as they are more tasty and fatty too.  Chicken breast are a lot blander.


Chicken Thighs*
Sea Salt
Other seasoning of your choice

*You want to use thighs with the skin on but you don’t need the bone. In the UK if you have the bone removed most often the skin is to, and so you need to get them with skin and bone. Then just cut the bone out. It’s a bit fiddley but easy enough.


  • Once you have cut the bone away, lay the chicken out flat, skin side down. Using a meat tenderiser, flatten the chicken thighs so they are thin. You don’t want them pulped so use your judgement when doing this part.
  • Now you need to season the chicken. For the ‘unskinned’ side of the chicken, use the seasoning of your choice. On the skin side just use salt to season. This will help with the crisping up of the skin. You can use other seasons if you like but they tend to burn.
  • Now put the chicken in a hot skillet (or pan) skin down. Allow fry for around 10 mins or so. It will get nice and golden and crispy.
  • Once its ready, turn the chicken over and cook the other side. This side will take a lot less time to cook.  Depending on how thick the chicken is will depend how long this will take.  Often if it will only need around 5 mins or less.
  • Once done, move them to a wire rack to rest for 5 mins.


This is how I like to cook my chicken. The skin is lovely and crispy and the meat is nice and juicy.  If you cook your chicken differently please let me know in the comments below.