Links & Resources

This is a page for me to share links to other sites, videos or any kind of resource i think is interesting.  I will break them in to sections. If you have a link you would like posted here, or a resource you think would be helpful please let me know.

Other Zero Carb Diet Websites 

Zero Carb Health
“This is the Zero Carb Health information site.  All you ever wanted to know about the Zero Carb Diet, from folks who have been eating this way for 8+ years.  For comments and discussion about a Zero Carb Diet”

My Zero Carb Life
This site is the blog of Kelly Hogan. She has an amazing story, she was very over weight and unable to have children. She used the zero carb diet to fix her health and have her children.




Facebook Groups

Zeroing In On Health
This is Charles Washington’s Zero Carb Facebook Group. Its an open group with lots of information regarding zero carb health.

Zero Carb Health
This is a closed group with ZC veterans with upto 10 or more years experience. To join you need to answer three questions and have your membership approved by an admin. Its a great source of information and somewhere to ask questions.