Week six on the zero carb diet has been difficult to say the least.  I am struggling to eat meat at all.  I have gone off it completely.  I have had to force myself to eat meat this week, and because of this I have had to be super strict.  Normally I eat when I am hungry until I am full.  This week I haven’t wanted to eat at all. So I have made sure to eat at least a minimum of 2lbs a day.  This has been mainly ground beef and a few steaks. I tried to add pork but I couldn’t stomach it (Not even bacon).

I have done my research and this is common on the zero carb diet. I need to power through this and make sure I keep eating. It’s tough but I can do this. I hope my appetite for meat comes back soon.

Now for the stats:

Weight Loss This Week: 3lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 12lbs
Current Weight: 22st 7lbs (315lbs)

This week’s positives:

Weight Loss
This week I have lost 3lbs… Its not a massive amount but it’s the best I have lost for a while. I am very happy with this loss.  I am also trying to get my head around that weight loss is secondary to all the other benefits I have.  I get that, and if weight loss wasn’t apart of this diet, I would still continue to eat this way for the health benefits.

My over all health has improved a lot. I feel so much better than I did before. My sugars were always to high, I didn’t sleep well and yet was always tired. I had a lot of pain in my nerves.  Now I don’t have these issues. I still get some pain in my nerves but nothing as bad as before.  I sleep well, I wake up feeling good and I am not having sugar crashes after a carb binge.

Having more energy and feeling great is what the zero carb diet all about and even though I have had a hard week, this is why I keep it up. I know the tough part will pass but the good health will continue.


This weeks ‘Positive’ list is smaller than weeks before and this is only because I haven’t included all the items like my skin, my feet pain, my sleep and so on as separate items.  So even though I have had a hard week regarding eating, there are still a lot of positives to this WOE.


This weeks negatives:

Loss of appetite
This week has been very tough to continue on the zero carb diet.  I have struggled to eat anything really and the more meat I eat the less I enjoy it.  I have to really force the food down me right now. Its taking ages to get through a bowl of ground beef.  I could easily not eat anything right now but I know that will not help me at all. It wont make me want to eat and it wont continue to give me the great health benefits.

I know this is a phase and all I need to do is continue to eat the meat like I have been and it will pass.  I have been making sure I have been eating at least 2lbs of meat. If I feel like I can, I will also add another steak to my daily food intake.  Its not getting easier yet, but I know it will.


This is a short update this week for sure. It seems really negative and that is because I have found it very difficult to eat what I need.  I did lose weight this week which is always a bonus. I guess I can see this a positive. This is my body adjusting to this new way of eating.  I know it will pass, and think this might be the last part of my adaptation maybe? Once I am past this stage, things will get easier and I can revel in the fact that despite how difficult this has been I continued to stick with it and am living a much healthier life.