This has been a tough week for me on the zero carb diet. I ended up in hospital over the weekend with Kidney stones. I have to say, it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. It stared off with some dull aches on the left side of my lower back. I also had some discomfort in my lower stomach too. I assumed I was constipated, but by Sunday I was in total agony. I have read that high protein causes kidney stones. So I did wonder was this the result of eating a zero carb diet? It turns out there are a few factors to kidney stones such as genetics (my mum had them several times) also being a type 2 diabetic increases your chances of getting them.

I have only been on this diet for 7 weeks, and from what I have read on the internet the fasted possible time stones could form would be 3 months and I think that was in a situation where they was encouraged to grow. So I can rule that out.  Having spoken to others on the zero carb diet it seems that this woe will encourage the kidneys to actually get rid of the stones that have been there a while.

Now for the stats:

Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 14lbs
Current Weight: 22st 5lbs (315lbs)

This week’s positives:

Weight Loss
A good 2lb loss. This brings me to the 1 stone weight loss mark. I am happy with this.
I am increasingly reading about those that for the first 6 to 8 months of being on the zero carb diet put weight on week after week. This is because they have been so undernourished for such a long time their bodies are working to fix things. They all report that most of their medical conditions improve and the amount of medication they are on has reduced enough that despite the weigh gain they are happy with this WOE and know that they will soon loose the weight again.   I am having some great health improvements too, and lucky enough to still have weight loss. I am very happy with this.

I have been lucky when it comes to cravings, I haven’t suffered with them too bad. But this week is probably the first time I have had absolutely zero cravings to the point that I have hardly even thought about other foods. Until this week I didn’t even realise how the cravings for carbs stay with you like a niggle in the back of your mind.  I don’t think I realised just how much it controlled me. I have very rarely really suffered with big time cravings or really had to fight to keep away from the bread or cakes. But when it is in front of me or I see things on TV I would have thoughts about having that food myself. Its not until that has gone that you realise how strong that was and how much it is ingrained in you.  I don’t for a second think its over for me, I know I am susceptible to cravings for bad food, but for the last few days at least I haven’t really thought about food or been tempted at all.

This weeks negatives:

Kidney Stones
I have mentioned this already so I will not spend too much time on it here. This is a negative purely because of the amount of pain I was in. It took 9 hours from when the pain started till I was given the pain killers that worked.  I was given morphine which just didn’t touch it. In the end I was given a suppository pain killer, 20 mins later I was pain free and never so grateful to have no pain.

Now having time to reflect, I have had the odd pang of pain in that kidney for some time. I have been on medication for my skin that can cause kidney damage and assumed it was stress on the kidney. Now I know what it was. In a way this is a positive. It has taken me to go on a zero carb diet for my body to finally try and fix them and try and get rid of them.

Its been a tough week on my stomach too. I haven’t been to the loo as much as I would have liked and its been a tad uncomfortable. I am not sure if this feeling is from the kidney or I really am backed up. On the zero carb diet, we do have a lot less waste and I need to remember that. I do not need as many bowl movements as I once had.

Its vegetables that leaves lots of waste. The meat we eat mostly gets used and it all digested very easily by the body. Plants are not so easily processed by the body. You may find undigested veg in your waste but never undigested meat.

I was under the misconception that cheese will help with that. However, I have come to realise that is not the case.  In fact, cheese is a binder and will actually back you up. The rule of thumb is if you need help then increase the fat in your diet, that will help you go. If you need things to become a bit more solid then reduce your fat and add cheese.


My stomach has been uncomfortable this week, especially with my kidney stones! But I have lost weight and I have a stronger feeling of well being this week. I feel stronger about my commitment to zero carb and I know in it for the long term.

Things are looking very positive and I am very happy with my progress.