Week five of the zero carb diet is now done! I am moving into week six and feeling pretty good about it all.  I have had a very easy week, I haven’t had any real cravings or struggled with my food at all.  The last few days I have eaten much more than normal and I blame this on my getting a brand now air fryer which is AMAZING! One thing I hated about the zero carb diet is the amount of food I fry, and the amount of smoke that caused and oil splatters everywhere. It was always a big clear up and my little flat tends to smell of fried steak and bacon all the time.  Now I have an air fryer its easy and quick to cook my food and so far everything has come out lovely.

I have been away with work again this week, which did mean twice this week I skipped lunch all together and just had large breakfasts and dinners which actually suited me and I wasn’t hungry.

I have also had some days off work, and I have eaten more in those few days then I have the whole 5 weeks…. well that maybe an exaggeration but I promise you, my food is UP!

Now for the stats:

Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 9lbs
Current Weight: 22st 10lbs

This week’s positives:

Hunger under control
This was a positive for last week also, but this week it has stepped up a level. I had to miss lunch twice this week and it was pretty easy to do. I wasn’t thinking of food, nor did I feel hungry.  By the time dinner came along I was ready to eat a horse and I did!

The zero carb diet has really helped me control my hunger and have more control over what I eat and when I eat.  Yes, my diet is very restrictive now, but its only week 6 and I have very little to no craving at all.  Food hasn’t got the control over me like it once did. If I can’t have lunch, I have no need to panic, I know I can last till dinner. If I want to have a big BIG dinner and eat loads, I can! Its very much a freedom I haven’t had for a very long time.

I think the main thing here is to remember that the ONLY reason I have this freedom is because I follow the zero carb diet strictly with absolutely no cheats or loosening of the rules. I need to keep in mind the second I allow myself to make a mistake and eat or drink something I shouldn’t, I will lose that freedom and will need to work hard to get it back again.

This WOE will not work at 99%, its 100% or nothing! In the past when doing keto I had this feeling but I would treat myself to sugar free cakes and cookies and try and make all these wonderful foods you see on YouTube with sweeteners and substitutes. That is where I ALWAYS fell down. I couldn’t be trusted with them. I would make some peanut butter cookies and the sweet taste and the carbs involved would make me crave. I would convince myself that if I have this ONE cheat I would be fine after and carry on as normal.  This isn’t the way it works, not for me.

I think every week so far I have mentioned sleep as one of my positives. Here it is again this week. I sleep so well, I get up so easily and that in its self has improved my life no end. It shocks me how quickly I will fall asleep and how refreshed I feel in the morning.  I still get sleepy during the day sometimes but I can shake it off no problem.  Plus I NEVER wake in the night to pee anymore!

Great skin
Next week I will start a new medication for my skin. For the last week and half I have been off my current medication ready for the new one to start next week.  At this point, I would normally be covered in bad skin, itching, soreness and to the point that putting clothes on would make my skin sore.  Although my skin has indeed got worse over the last week, I have a few patches that really itch on my legs, I have a pretty clear face and arms! My skin is still better now off the medication than I was on the medication a week or so before I started the zero carb diet. It does make me nervous as I can not afford to have my skin get like it used too. It means time off work and possibly time in hospital if my legs and ankles start to swell. Right now my skin is doing very well, I am working hard with creams and potions like I always have to but it is for now under control. I hope that in time this WOE will cure my skin and I will not need medication anymore.

I lost 2 lbs
I have come to the realisation, that as much as I want to lose weight and i want it gone quickly, this diet is more about health and being happy than it is about the weight loss.  I am pleased I have dropped 2lbs this week and I wish it was more. I am even more pleased it hasn’t gone up, especially with the increase of food the last few days. Weight is a great marker for how well a diet is going, it is also great to keep you motivated. Losing weight will make me feel good, feel better in my clothes and make me feel more confident. However, its not the only reward of this diet. The health benefits are the biggest achievement.

This weeks negatives:

Bad Breath
I have resulted to using sugar free chewing gum. This isn’t optimal as it can make you hungry and it obviously has that sweet taste I am avoiding. But I can’t go around with stinky breath so it’s a must have for me.  I hope this is part of the adaptation and will soon pass.

Bad taste and dry mouth
This has improved, but some days I need to drink almost constantly to feel well hydrated. Maybe I need to cut down on salt? I will spend some time this week looking in to this. I hope this passes with the bad breath!

Scared to share
So far not many people know what I am doing diet wise. I don’t like to share this. When I tell people I am only eating meat and drinking water they will think I am nuts. I am not losing enough weight yet to use that as my defence. I have told the people around me I am cutting everything out of my diet except for meat to help my skin heal (which isn’t an out and out lie). They can all see the great improvements in my skin and so are supportive still as they think its temporary.
I also really struggle ordering food when out and asking just for water and meat. Nothing else, they all ask several times “if you are not eating carbs we can do you some veg to replace the chips” I will kindly say no and they repeatedly ask if I am sure!
So I am still feeling conscience about telling the world I am on a diet, I guess this blog is my only outlet for that for now.



So far, this week has been my best week. I have had a small loss in weight which is always good. I haven’t really had any problems or struggled with any cravings or wanting to eat off plan.  Its been an easy week on the zero carb diet and I hope this continues for me.

If you don’t have an air fryer I suggest you purchase one. Its been a dream for me this week and I cant wait to continue to keep using it.  It cooks perfectly and is much less mess than frying or grilling food. You can cook pretty much anything in it too.

Here is a link the air fryer I got from Amazon UK:

Here is the same item from Amazon US: