I have just ended week 4 of the zero carb diet and I am pleased to report there have been no cheats and nothing off plan has passed my lips.  I have had coffee and cheese which I had thought about cutting out.  I have cut them both right down but think maybe cheese will need to go completely. The last week has flown by for me, I have been away with work most of the week and again probably haven’t eaten as much as I would have liked. That’s week 4 done and now look at week 5 feeling very positive!

Again, I have had an awful lot of non Zero Carb food thrown in front of me and quite honestly I haven’t found it hard at all.  Most of the food I haven’t even craved. When looking at the deserts on display, I wasn’t even tempted. I am not under the illusion that I have cracked it and will never be tempted again. I know I still need to keep to plan, and never let myself slip. I know that the time will come when I see a sweet treat and be tempted.

Now for the stats:

Weight Loss This Week: 0
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 7lbs
Current Weight: 22st 12lbs

This week’s positives:

Hunger under control
I do still feel hungry, but I haven’t had that powerful hunger that makes me think I will pass out.  I am feeling hungry for meat, and not for anything off plan.  This does make it easier.  Being away from home I haven’t been able to maybe eat as much as I would like but its been enough. It feels good to not worry about hunger as much.  I can eat the meat from the meal at the hotel, leave the rest and be fine. Its not ideal, but when I have no other choice it does make it easier to deal with.

At the same time, I am also pleased that I do still have some hunger.  When I did keto for a short while I would often lose my appetite and I would find it hard to eat. I know that some people do have that issue with zero carb too.

This is something that has continued from the week before. I have never been a great sleeper, and now I am sleeping very well.  Not only that, when I wake up I am feeling great and energised. I haven’t been struggling to get up in the morning.  This is such a great positive.

More improvement with nerve pain
I have mentioned this in all of my updates because it is such a big thing for me.  The nerve pain in my feet would keep me up at night.  I still get some numbness in my feet but very rarely pain.

Great skin
My skin hasn’t really gotten any better but has stayed the same. This is another one of those points that makes such a real difference for me.  I have had the odd flare up of bad skin now and then. I have cut my coffee consumption way down, I have only had a few cups all week.  Maybe its cheese? I think maybe I need to cut the cheese out for a while. It’s a shame as I do really love cheese.  I have had McDonalds a few times this week. Just the meat patty and cheese so I wonder if the cheese in those has caused my skin to flare a bit?

Didn’t put on weight
After last weeks 2lb increase I was worried that this was going to be a pattern. I was worried my weight would continue going up. I have read a lot about people who have gained weight for a few months before the weight dropped again.  But I have stayed the same, no loss is better than a gain.
This weeks negatives:

Didn’t lose weight
I know this was in the positive section but it is also a negative. I am pleased I didn’t put it on, but to not lose it is difficult too.  I have been working so hard to keep to this WOE.  There are so many positives still that even with out the weight loss I am still so happy with the results.  I would be happier with some loss to keep me motivated.

Bad taste and dry mouth
All week I have had a horrible taste in my mouth, as well as a dry tongue and lips. I have to drink a ton load of water to make even the smallest difference.  I am not sure if my body just needs constant water or this is just part of the adaptation process. Its hard to keep up with the amount of water I need to stop the dryness.  The bad taste is constantly there, but does get better when I drink plenty of water.  I will continue to drink as much as I can but hope its not going to keep up like this.


Its been a good week for me. I have had a busy week and not everything was as easy as I would have liked. I am happy I have kept to the diet, I haven’t cheated and if anything, its been the easiest week so far. Apart from the few negatives I have so many positives.  I enjoying the extra energy, the better skin, no pain in my feet etc.

This week felt easy and went fast. I know this isn’t always going to be the case. I know I have times ahead of me that will tempt me off plan and I will find it hard to resist. The way I feel right now I know I will not cave in.

I really do feel positive this week and I am so happy I have found this WOE.  I need stay focused and eagerly wait for the weight to fall off!