A no carb diet takes the low carb or keto diet to the next level. It does have some carbs, but these are very minimal. Its also called The Zero Carb Diet, due to it having almost zero carbs.

I know, that’s a little confusing.  To make it a bit more confusing, its also called The Carnivore Diet, because it is exclusively a meat-only diet, with a few other animal products such as dairy.

Studies show that carbs are very damaging to our bodies. They also cause weight gain and food cravings, to the point of addiction.  You will know you are addicted to carbs when you cut them out. You will feel the withdrawal.

This article is here to explain the no carb diet to you. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of how it works, and the positive results it can have for you.


What is a no carb diet?


A no carb diet is technically the wrong terminology. There are still some carbs in the diet, but they are minimal, and we don’t need to worry about them.

The way we remove these carbs is by eating a diet that is strictly meat only, hence the name Carnivore Diet.  This seems a little drastic, but bear with me, I will explain in full how this works.

Essentially, you will be eating only from the animal kingdom. That means, beef, lamb, chicken, pork, duck, even alligator if that suits you. There are no restrictions within this.

  • Steaks
  • Burgers
  • Ground beef
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Eggs
  • Full fat cream
  • Cheese
  • Butter

Another thing to note is you are not restricted by the amount that you can eat. You eat until you are full.

You no longer need to calculate macros like on Keto. No more counting calories or weighing out food.  Stick to meat only, and you can not go wrong.

The no carb diet is a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. This has many positive benefits such as weight loss and improved health. Many autoimmune conditions can be completely reversed on this way of eating.

Weight loss on the no carb diet


Weight loss can be dramatic on this diet and here are two reasons why this is.

Firstly, you become a fat-burning machine, literally. The body can fuel your system in two ways. It can use Ketones which is produced by fat or glucose which comes from sugar/carbs.

Ketones are the optimal way to fuel the body. It’s healthier, and as soon as your body does this, you feel the change. Your energy increases, your cognitive functions improve and moods become more stable.

It’s the optimal way for our bodies to run.

The second option for fuel is glucose; this is the easier of the two for the body to use. If both sugar and fat are available, the body will choose the path of least resistance and burn the sugar to fuel the body.

But this isn’t the supposed to be for long periods.

Back when we first arrived on this earth, we would have eaten, all most exclusively, an all-meat diet. Our bodies evolved to run on meat and fat.

We are carnivores, and we share a lot in common with other carnivorous animals such as relatively short intestines. As meat is so easily digested, we don’t need a long digestive system.

Cows who eat only grass, have three stomachs to do that.

But our bodies also needed to be able to survive the cold winter months when animals were scarce, but we still needed to stay strong and fuel our bodies. So eating berries in the winter months gave us sugar it could use quick and help fuel us.

But it was only for short periods, not for everyday nutrition. Berries would also spike insulin, which is the fat hormone, and so it would give us some padding for the cold months.

While we have carbs in our diet, our body doesn’t use much of the fat it gets, and so it stores that fat for later when it can use that fat for fuel again.

When you cut out the carbs, the body reverts to burning fat for ketones, and if you have stores of fat on your body, it will use it. Alas, dramatic weight loss.

The second benefit you will see from a no carb diet is an increase in health. The western diet is making us a nation of fat sick people that suffer from a whole range of different diseases.

People report many of their health issues going away and becoming happier and healthier because of it.  Autoimmune diseases such as type 2 diabetes and psoriasis can be reversed by cutting out the food that causes them.

Reports of old injuries healing and digestive issues going away are commonplace within the carnivore community.

Many people on this diet have been able to stop all medications for illnesses they were told would never go away, and that they would need these medications for life.

It’s a burden many people have and along with the medication comes a list as long as your arm of side effects. All this can go away, just by eating the way our ancestors did.

Too good to be true? Well you can speak to people who have cured themselves on this diet, or people who have been eating this way for 10 or 20 years +.

There are a few Facebook pages dedicated to this way of eating. Search for Zero Carb or Carnivore, join the pages and read the stories and see the photos.

It’s a great community who are always there to answer questions and give advice from their own experiences.



Want to get started on a no carb diet?


I hope the answer is yes. It’s a choice I made some years ago, and I couldn’t imagine eating any other way.

It has cured my food addiction. I no longer think about food like I used to. It has cured my type 2 diabetes which I was told wouldn’t happen.

I had server Psoriasis all over my body that would get so bad I could not wear clothes because I was so sore. I also had the start of psoriatic arthritis which was causing me a lot of pain in my joints.

I was heading for a life of pain and discomfort made worse by the side effects of all the drugs I would have needed.  I no longer have these conditions, and I couldn’t be happier.

My suggestion to you is to do your research. I have lots of information on this site that will help you understand the diet better, give you tips on how to stick to it and book suggestions to give you a better understanding of how fat heals us.

I have a resource page that lists some of my favourite Facebook groups that you should join. Read as much information as you can. 

Read the success stories and see the weight loss photos. Ask questions and learn what you can.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Good luck