I have never been able to really cook a steak well. I would take it out of the fridge, season with salt and pepper and then fry it. It would be ok, it would be much tougher than you get it in restaurants and the flavour was never anything special. Since looking in to the Zero Carb Diet and its recipes I found this method of cooking a steak, and it works! I am not a great cook, but this never fails me!

Traditionally when a restaurant cooks your steak, they will sear the stake on a fiercely hot griddle so the outside is cooked. Then they put them in the oven to cook to the right ‘doneness’. The reverse sear method does it in reverse, hence the name. First you cook the steak on a very low heat in the oven until it the desired doneness. Then take it out and sear the outside in the hottest pan you have.

Depending on how you like your steak and the thickness of the steak will depend how long you cook it in the oven for. The best way to get the perfect level of done is to use a meat thermometer and measure the heat of the centre.

Meat Internal Temperature Guide:
• Rare: 125 f / 52 C
• Medium Rare: 130 f / 55 C
• Medium: 140 f / 60 C
• Well done: 160 f / 72 C

Here is the recipe:

1. Preheat oven to 135c/275f
2. Place your seasoned steaks on a rack over a baking tray
3. Put the steak in oven and cook until the internal temperature you require. Depending on the temperature you want and the thickness of the steak the time for this step will vary.
4. Remove the steak when at the right temperature and rest for 10-15 minutes under some tin foil
5. Preheat a skillet (or the best pan you have) and get it as hot as you possibly can. The hotter the better.
6. Sear steaks for one minute on each side. If it’s a really thick steak, you might want to sear the sides too. Be careful you do not over cook the steak.

Enjoy your perfect steak!