The zero carb diet gives us permission to eat as much meat as we want, and in some cases its about eating as much as our bodies need. For some this is a lot of meat. Variety is a good thing, it can make it easier for us for sure.  I have seen some great posts on the internet regarding the smoking of meat and the great flavors this creates in the meat. I haven’t got a smoker, but after some research I have considered maybe investing in one.

If you are on the zero carb diet, you may not have smoked meat before. Because of this type of cooking being so new to some, I thought a nice article about smoking meat would be helpful for some. So I found someone who does smoke their own meat and asked them for a guide on the subject.  Here is that guide, I hope you find it helpful! Please let me know in the comments if you have smoked meat and what your thoughts are.


Smoking Meat
Where there is smoke, there will be well-flavored meat, and it is very natural to be tempted to smoked pork or beef. We know how hard it can be for anyone to restrict himself from the rich and woodsy flavor of the meat. Fortunately, it is very safe to have these foods on the zero carb diet. Even if you are on a low carb diet, you can have smoked meat. In this article, we will talk about what smoke meat is and how you can prepare it and whether it is safe for you to eat smoke meat or not.

What is smoke meat?
Meat smoking is a process in which a piece of meat is put in a smoky chamber where the smoke surrounds it. The meat is cooked at a low temperature, and it is kept in the same condition for a longer period. Because it is cooked in a slow, smoky environment on a low temperature, the meat gets the smoky flavor, and it gets the taste that cannot be matched with something else. The meat is smoked and cooked at 200 – 225 degrees, but it depends upon the type of meat that you are using. Some people also consider this method to preserve meat, but we will not discuss it here.

Although the meat is exposed to smoke for a longer period but that doesn’t mean that smoke is used to cook the food. Many of us misunderstood the concept, and that is why there is most of us believes that it is an unhealthy way of cooking food. It is the heat of the fire that cooks the meat. But why there is even need to smoke the meat when you can cook it normally. This smoke method is used to preserve the protein-rich foods that can easily get spoiled if kept for a longer period. This preservation method has been around for ages, but you cannot make this cooking method a regular part of your diet.

How to smoke meat?
It will not take much time for you to learn how to smoke the meat as the method is quite easy and simple. All you need is heat, smoke, meat and a lot of time. Keep the heat low and steady, and the put a grill above it. Use this grill to burn the charcoal and keep adding charcoal periodically. Now for the smoke, you can use any hardwood such as oaks, apple, pecan or hickory. Now keep the meat near the heat and keep swabbing it with sauce while it is in the burning process.

The time that it will take to get smoked will depend upon the size and type of meat that you are using. A rib eye roast can take up to four hours while a pork butt can be smoked in 25 minutes. The type of smoker that you are using and the weather conditions will also impact the time. Being on the zero carb diet we do get through a lot of meat.  Some times it is worth smoking more than one joint at a time. We have plenty of meat to see us through.

Amazon is a great place to get your first smoker. Below is a link to the smoker that I have, I found it to be easy to use and does a great job. You can really fit a few items in there which is perfect.

For the UK:

For the US:

Smoking seems to be a lost art, let’s bring it back and get the type of meat we deserve. You will not be disappointed with the results and you will soon see how easy it is.  Trust me, once your friends and family try your smoked meat they will be asking you for orders! Its not just those on a zero carb diet that can benefit from smoked meats!

Happy smoking!