The Zero Carb Diet is one of a few Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diets that have increased in popularity over the years. Years ago, we had the Atkins diet which has also evolved in to something new now. Millions of people have improved their health and lost weight on a high fat diet, yet people still look at you like a mad man when you say you have a high fat diet.  We have been programmed to believe that fat is the enemy and will clog our arteries, strangle our hearts and eventually kill us unless we cut it out of our diet. In fact, the truth is fat is incredibly important to us and we can not be healthy without it. So why did this happen, how did we get so scared of fat?

Zero Carb Diet - Sugar vs FatBack when this all began there was lots of talk about nutrition and debates about what was the best way to eat. What foods we needed and which foods was causing illness.  John Yudkin authored a book called ‘Pure, White and Deadly’ where he explained that sugar is poison and killing us. He even explained what we needed to do to become healthier. You guessed it, he said more fat and NO SUGAR! However, at the same time Ancel Keys was conducting some research on the very same thing. Those with a scientific inkling can view his research online. The research is dubious at best. He results concluded that fat was a killer and causing heart disease and heart attacks. He named cholesterol and saturated fat as the main culprits. These two opposing arguments fought, with Keys finally winning the debate. Some have said that this was due to politics, money and POWER… Isnt most things??

With Keys doggy research, western countries started to transform their eating to a low fat diet.  Out with good old traditional and nutritional fats like butter and fatty meat. Now we use margarine (which originally wasn’t even a food, and was pink in colour so people wouldn’t eat it.), lean cuts of meat became king! The food industry started to churn out low fat products left right and centre.Zero Carb Diet - Marg vs Butter




When creating these low fat foods it soon become clear that when you remove the fat from food you also remove the flavour. They needed to sell all these new products to the public so in place of fat they had to add additives to give it some flavour. The additive of choice was SUGAR! Sadly, this is still the case. All these processed foods (low fat or not) have plenty of sugar in them. We have gotten a little wiser to sugar now and so people will avoid products high in sugar.  The way the food industry gets around this is by calling the sugar something different instead.  There are hundreds of different names for different sugars they use in our food.

Zero Carb Diet - Names for sugar






Another benefit to pouring as much sugar in to food as possible is the addictive nature of sugar.  If you look at the level of sugar in soft drinks and fruit juices and energy drinks you will see just how much they like to use.

Since the introduction of sugar and the removal of fat the health of western nations have deteriorated dramatically. The rates of obesity have risen considerably as have things like heart disease and type two diabetes. There are some really scary statistics out there that show just how much sicker we all are now compared to 100 years ago when sugar wasn’t our main ingredient.

There are studies out there that show that indeed sugar isn’t addictive or poisonous nor does it cause obesity on its own. These studies could easily fool someone like me who doesn’t have the scientific training to understand their reports. The one thing that doesn’t fool me is when these studies are funded by Coco Cola! They have a very big interest in keeping the information about sugar hidden.

There are equally many reputable studies that show the benefits of fats and how they are actually healthy and their role in our bodies.  The book ‘Why We Get Fat’ by Gary Taubes is a great read. It will explain the importance of fat in our diet, a suggested read for sure.