The carnivore diet is a high-fat diet, which goes against everything we have learned to be good for us. We learn from a very young age that fat is bad for us and we need to eat plenty of fruit and veg.

So how are people losing weight and curing diseases with a meat-only diet? I personally have cured a few autoimmune diseases and lost a ton of weight on this high-fat diet.

So why have we been told that fat is bad, when in fact, it is good for us?

We’ve been lied to!


Despite what we have learned, fat is an essential part of our diet, and our bodies need fat to function healthily. The carnivore diet works so well because it is a high-fat diet.

When we talk about fat here, we are talking about saturated fat that comes from animal fat. Not the unsaturated fat from plants, which is actually very bad for us.

Back in the 1950s, a scientist named Ancel Keys claimed that fat was the cause of obesity, which in turn resulted in heart disease. Because of the study that Keys ran, we changed the way we look at food, in particular how we look at fats.

But his studies were wrong, and it has now been proven that his studies had many flaws and some suggest that he falsified results or at least portrayed them in this way to fit his own agenda.

It’s not just Keys study that has tried to convince us that fat is bad; many studies conducted that was funded by the sugar industry to show that fat causes these issues and that sugar isn’t to blame.

When these studies are being funded by companies that earn billions on the back of sugar it is no surprise that fat comes off like the bad guy and sugar the hero.

Since we have taken the fat out of everything and replaced it with sugar, heart disease and obesity are at an all-time high, and the number of people living with autoimmune disease has rocketed.

More recent, independent studies have now concluded that sugar is the culprit when it comes to obesity and heart disease.

Let us look at the benefits of a high-fat diet.


Eating energy


One of the benefits of fat is how much energy fat contains. Fat has much higher energy than all other nutrients. So much so, it’s double what carbohydrates or protein contain.

The energy from fat can be used immediately, or it stored as fat to be burned later.

Saturated fat is essential for the body to function. The heart uses two different types of saturated fat, one called stearic acid, and the other is palmitic acid.

The heart needs the fats to operate. So saying that it is these fats that cause heart disease is clearly ridiculous. The heart would struggle without them.


Cooking with animal fat


The carnivore diet encourages you to cook your food in animal fats, such as butter or lard. This is because they are safe to use.  Polyunsaturated fats are much more unstable due to the many bonds they have.

When these fats get heated up they become unstable and end up oxidised which causes them to become free radicals which are known to cause heart disease and other illnesses such as cancer.

Soybean oil, canola oil and other polyunsaturated vegetable oils can damage our bodies because of these free radicals. These oils are highly processed and need to be heated to extreme temperatures during processing which damages them.  

Stick to animal fats for cooking; your heart will thank you!


Fat is the real brain food!


The brain is one of our most valuable organs, and any damage to it can have devastating consequences. The brain is made of mostly fat and cholesterol. At least half of these fats are saturated fats.

Nerve fibres have a sheath (myelin sheath) covering them which are made mostly of fat and cholesterol. If these deteriorate then the result is a whole range of neurological issues.

Yet another reason we need these fats in our diet.

Fat-soluble vitamins


Animal fat contains some essential fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and K2.  These are used by the body for our immunity, bone production and many other functions that are critical to our bodies.

Healthy Cells


The membranes that surround every cell in our body have an important function of regulating gene expression based on the surroundings, which influences our health in a big way.

Most of the cell membrane is made from saturated fat, in fact, the more fat these membranes have, the stronger they are and the better job they can do.

This makes saturated fat essential for strong cells, by cutting fats out of our diet, we are essentially making our cells weaker, and this will lead to a whole host of problems.

Building strong and resilient skin


With a diet of high saturated fats, our skin becomes stronger and will become more resistant to oxidative damage helping to prevent skin cancer.

Many people in the carnivore community report their skin becoming more resistant to sun damage. One of the many benefits of this way of eating.



Strong Lungs


We all want strong lungs; they supply our blood with the oxygen we need to live. Within our lungs, we have small sacks that expand when we breathe in; this expansion allows us to fill our lungs with oxygen and pass that oxygen into our blood

A diet of high plant oils instead of saturated fat can cause damage to these sacks causing illnesses such as Asthma.



Natures perfect cushion


Saturated fat is much denser than vegetable oils, and this is how the fat in our bodies stay solid at body temperature. This acts as padding on our hands, feet and bottoms.  It also protects vital organs. As I said, this is natures perfect cushion.



Protection from toxins


Research suggests that saturated fatty acids can help to reverse liver damage from toxins such as alcohol. It will also protect us from further damage caused by free radicals.


Essential fatty acids


Essential fatty acids are crucial to our health in many ways, but the human body can not produce these fatty acids itself. The only way to get these fatty acids is for us to deliver them through our diet.

They are called essential because they are needed for our brain, our cardiovascular function and our immune system. Saturated fats not only deliver these fatty acids, but it is also key to helping the body utilise them and protect them from oxidation.



Know your fats


Knowing the fats you are eating is important for you to understand which fats you should eat and which you should avoid. The carnivore diet is full of good saturated fats.

Whereas plant-based oils are the complete opposite. Eating a carnivore diet eliminates all the bad fats while giving the body the good fats it relies on.

The book “Know your fats” by Mary Enig PhD is a book that has all the information you will need to learn more about and their uses.

It will certainly shed light on the topic and dispel the false facts we have been led to believe

Here is a link to her book on Know Your Fats

Here is the link to her book at Know Your Fats

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and any questions you have in the comments below.