Diabetes is the main reason I ended up on the zero carb diet. It took a while but I got here. I was diagnosed a few years ago and it scared me the amount of medication I was given. What scared me more was the lack of information I was given and the amount of bad advice. I thought I would put something here that just talks a little bit about the dangers of diabetes and just some of the health issues it can cause.

Diabetes is pandemic. Today more than 400 million lives are affected by it, and a large number of them do not even know that they have diabetes. Diabetes kills silently. No pill or injection can prevent or reverse diabetes. Fortunately, diabetes can be effectively reversed by lifestyle changes, such as cutting out the carbs that originally caused the disease.

Untamed diabetes would squeeze out fluid, nutrients, and energy out of your cells. High blood glucose in blood has dehydrating effect on cells. Though there is abundance of glucose in blood, however, it is not able to enter the cells due to insulin resistance or deficit. Hence people with diabetes drinks a lot, pees a lot, and can become chronically tired. Worst of all, diabetes damages small and large blood vessels as well as blocks them.

Heat Health
Diabetes significatlly increases the risk of heart attack dramaticly. A person living with diabetes is at much higher risk of developing blocked arteries, as diabetes not only damages inner layer of arteries but it also increases the levels of bad cholesterol blocking the blood supply of heart.

Kidney Health
Diabetes is leading cause of chronic kidney failure in most of the developing nations. The kidney is the filter of our body that is supplied by blood through many small blood vessels. However, in diabetes, these small blood vessels of the kidney are damaged. Thus kidneys start losing proteins and many useful nutrients, and they also stop detoxifying our body.

Eye Health
Diabetes may make a person blind. Sudden weakening of eyesight is often due to diabetes. Diabetes causes the so-called retinopathy, that is a disease of microscopic blood vessels in the eyes. In diabetes these blood vessels in eyes become very thin and rupture too often, leading to worsening of vision. When my sugars are high I can find it hard to focus my eyes properly also.

Limb Health
Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputations of lower limbs. Diabetes hinders the blood supply to limbs by increasing the blockade of blood vessels. Further, due to disease of the nerves person may not feel the minor trauma caused to feet. Initially, it starts with small non-healing wound that is difficult to treat. In some cases, these non-healing ulcers of feet become infected and doctors are left with no choice but to amputate.

Nerve Health
Diabetes damages your nerves, it may cause pain in feet and hands or it may cause numbness in them. Due to nerve damage person may get tired easily, heart may not listen to a person and fail to work hard enough due to nerve damages. Damage to nerves may make a person either sweat for no reasons or just opposite, it may make skin overly dry. I get incredibly bad pains in the nerves in my feet and sometimes fingers.  Since going zero carb this has reduced massively.

Brain Health
Diabetes is one of the leading causes of stroke, which is caused by failure of blood supply to some parts of the brain because of blockade of the arteries. Stroke is acute and fatal complication of the diabetes. It may also lead to partial paralysis of the body.

Mental Health
finally, diabetes may even give you mental health issues. A person living with diabetes is at higher risk of developing depression, mood swings, and even psychosis.

This is just a real small list of some issues that arise with diabetes. There isn’t enough time in the world to list all possible systems and health complications due to diabetes. Not to mention the damage done by all the medications that you inevitably end up on.

This is just one small reason that zero carb is the way forward. It will save your life and what’s more it will make whatever life you have left a happier and easier one.