How do we on a Zero Carb Diet, where we only eat meat get our fiber?  We can’t live without fiber so how can this be healthy?  Seems like a legit question.  We have been told that fiber is essential to our health. Without fiber how will you go to the toilet? You will get digestive discomfort, you MUST have fiber!

Just like we was always told that fat is bad for us, the myth about fiber being essential is also a myth. Like carbohydrates it isn’t essential and is actually quite the opposite. We get no nutritional benefit from fiber, what it actually does is cause the gut to produce too much of the natural occurring mucus.  We need the mucus, it helps keeps things ‘moving’ but too much of the stuff will not allow the bowels to absorb the nutrients from other food.  The body produces just a thin layer of mucus so that it can quickly absorb the nutrients it needs. When that layer becomes too think, the absorption stops. So not only does fiber not provide any nutrition it also stops other food providing it also.

Worse than that, over a prolonged amount of time it will result in scare tissue forming in the bowls. This scar tissue will stop the absorption of nutrients on a more permanent basis.  It is this scaring that is responsible for the serious issues of poor nutrition in the elderly.  They can be eating the right balance of food, but the body can not use it correctly.

One of the first questions people ask when they are learning about the zero carb diet, is how do we poop? It’s a frequent question with most diets, people are fascinated by it. People worry that to be regular they need to have fiber in their diet.  But when you are eating an all meat diet, this is not an issue.  Meat and animal products are so easily broken down and absorbed by the body, we tend not to have any digestive issues.  In fact its often the complete opposite when you first start a diet that is high in fat.  Meat will not clog you up. It’s a high fat diet, and so naturally you will be regular.  By regular I mean as regular as you need.  From listening to those with many more years under their belt than me, I understand that the need is a lot less.  There is very little waste from meat.

Fiber has absolutely no value to us nutritionally at all, and as I have mentioned above all it does is harm us and our guts. Causing long term issues and malnutrition due its effect on our ability to absorb nutrients.  Fiber is essential in our food chain for one reason and one reason only and that is MONEY! The cereal companies know that its indigestible, and they used to sell that part of the grain to cardboard manufacturing companies to use in their processes.  This doesn’t sell at such a high price as what food does. SO, by creating these myths about the health benefits of fiber they can now sell it as a food product at a higher price and actually advertise as a benefit that a product has more fiber…. They are not silly are they? Your health is compromised to line the pockets of those in power.

The best way to know what is right and what is wrong is to try it yourself.  If you are going zero carb and you experience no issues with being ‘regular’ then you know that fiber is indeed not needed for a healthy gut.  You only have to listen to some of the ZC Vets out there that have been doing this for 10 years plus to know they have no issues with a lack of fiber.

Let’s make sure together we start to sort out the real science from the myths and start understanding our food.  When the person making millions out of selling you a type of food is telling you it’s essential, you know they have their reasons and that is most likely not concern for your health.

Please leave your comments below, share you experience of eating no fiber and help confirm that this is actually a myth.