The no carb diet has a few names; some call it The Carnivore Diet, which is a newer name for this way of eating. However, the ‘original’ name which is still used by many is The Zero Carb Diet.

This article will guide you through what you need to know about the no carb diet and how to get started.


What is the No Carb Diet?


This way of eating eliminates most of the carbs in your diet. To do this, you are restricted to eating only from the animal kingdom with absolutely no plant foods at all.

It’s a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb diet.

There are minimal carbs in meat and dairy, so it’s technically not totally carb-free.

A diet of nothing but meat and dairy is the best way to get healthy and lose weight. It takes some will power at the start, but it gets easier. Much easier.

Cutting out all plant food and sticking to a meat-only diet, not only cuts out the carbs that make us fat and sick, it also takes out the anti-nutrients found in all plants.

This means you absorb much more of the nutrition from your food.

If we look at cave men’s diets that evolved over tens of thousands of years, they would have eaten nothing but meat, and maybe some plant food when meat supplies were low.

Vegetables do not grow well in the wild; there wouldn’t have been many edible plant foods.

Many of the vegetables we eat today didn’t exist then. We have manipulated the breeding of plants to create what we have now. They all contain many more carbs than originally intended, which means they would have tasted pretty bad.

Its time to ditch the plants and eat the food our bodies are designed to eat, this will help us thrive.

No Carb Diet Plan


No Carb Diet for Weight loss


We all know that cutting out carbs and grains will ultimately lead to rapid weight loss. Its why the keto diet is so popular right now. It comes with lots of health benefits too.

Following a stricter, no carb diet gives us greater results, and the weight will fall off you.  I lost a stone (14lb) in my first two weeks! I was surprised how quickly I lost the weight and how quickly I started to feel great.

There is an adaptation period, where your body is getting over the carb withdrawal and getting used to a new energy source.

You can feel tired during this period with mild headaches and the craving for your old foods can be strong! But it’s worth powering through this stage.

There are lots of ‘before and after’ posts on popular zero carb Facebook pages you should check out. It’s inspiring and great to keep you motivated.

The transformation people make within 6 to 12 months is incredible.

Stick with it, and maybe people will be looking to you for inspiration.



Who does the weight loss work?


Here comes the ‘science bit’ – Don’t worry, its very high level and easy to understand. You can find more complex explanations on this site if that’s your thing!

The human body is designed to use two types of fuel. It can burn carbs/sugar, which supplies the body with glucose for energy. Or it can burn fat to create ketones to use for fuel.

When your diet contains fat and carbs, the body will prioritise the carbs as fuel as its easier and quicker to convert and use.

It doesn’t last long and isn’t optimal for the body. It has various other effects, such as increases insulin in the body.

Fat, on the other hand, is our bodies ultimate fuel, it’s much more complex and takes a bit more work for the body to use. But it lasts longer, it’s the fuel our bodies thrive on.

A body using fat has more energy, can heal faster as well as many other benefits.

When we burn sugar, the body uses insulin to deal with the glucose in our blood. Insulin is our fat hormone. Any additional energy we have (such as fat or carbs) gets turned to body fat and is stored. The more insulin our body produces, the more fat gets stored.

Of course, when our bodies are fat-burning machines, it will burn the fat in our diet as well as the fat stored in bodies. This is commonly referred to as being in Ketosis.

This is where we want to be. We want to become fat burners. The best way to do this is to follow a no carb diet.

No Carb Diet Plan



What about health?


You will be pleased to know that improved health is one of the major benefits of this way of eating. Those following a no carb diet report improvements with their health within weeks. Some issues will take a while to correct themselves.

But if you have health issues, chances are you will feel and see improvements early on.

Before I started, I had type 2 diabetes, skin Psoriasis and joint Psoriasis. It was these conditions that first led me to this way of eating, and am I pleased I did find it.

I was on medication for these conditions as well as blood pressure medication too. I no longer take any medications!

The effect this way of eating has on autoimmune issues is beyond belief. You only have to look online to find people who have suffered for years with multiple autoimmune issues that are now pain-free and off their medications.


How to get started?


The no carb diet is quite the commitment. It’s not easy to get started, and the more you prepare, the higher chance you have of sticking with it.

The first two times I tried this diet, I failed. I was pumped to try this diet, and I had great results early on. But I wasn’t prepared for it. I jumped in, and this was my mistake.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be, BE PREPARED! Give yourself the best chance to succeed. Here is a list of things you can do before you start:

  • Read up as much as possible on this way of eating.
  • Join Facebook groups, search for ‘zero carb diet’ and ‘the carnivore diet’. Join a few.
  • Read people success stories, get yourself motivated.
  • Read peoples questions online; this will give you some insight into the kind of issues people come across.
  • Write a list of reasons why you are doing this. Health, weight loss, pain etc
  • Speak to your doctor and make sure they monitor your medications.
  • If possible, have a blood test before you start. Get a second one three months into the diet.
  • Don’t listen to people who want to talk you out of it.
  • Be prepared for the adaptation phase. Look up possible symptoms so if you experience them, you know its temporary and will pass.
  • Fill the fridge and freezer with the right foods. Make sure you do not run out. Work out how much you think you need, then add some.
  • Clear out all the junk from your kitchen and cupboards. This isn’t always possible with a family but if you have a type of food that you know you can’t resist, get rid of it. I am sure your family will understand and want to support you.
  • Set a date to start, consider upcoming social events etc. Once this date is set, STICK TO IT. Do not put this off.

No Carb Diet Plan


Are you ready?


This prep is really important. It will give you the best chance to make these changes. Within the first few weeks you will some remarkable changes to both weight, energy levels and your health.

Do not put this off, or you will keep putting it off. Now is your time to change your life.

I made this choice over two years ago now, and I wouldn’t look back. This is my new norm, and there is no way I am going back to being fat and sick.

I left that behind me, along with the carbs and plants.

If you have any questions, please use the comments below to ask me.  I would also love to hear your stories. Was there other prep you did that I have missed off this list?

Good luck.