It’s the day before I start my Zero Carb Diet and I am eager to get this going. I am feeling the effects of an over indulgent Christmas which includes high blood sugars and tight trousers. Along with the high blood sugar is a whole host of symptoms, nerve pain in my feet, dry skin, constantly thirsty and constantly peeing. I am pretty sure its doing my insides no good also. I have my fridge stocked and I’m ready to go.

I have come across some ‘annoyances’ while searching for zero carb information, here are a few:

Lack of recipes
When your only ingredient is MEAT there are very few recipes available. There are different methods of cooking the meat with various different combinations, but nothing much.  With that said, there are some great looking burger recipes and meatloaf type meals too.  In reality there are a lot of recipes, but just not as many as most diets. (This could be a good thing in the long run)

From the research I have done, the people who have stuck to this way of eating for a substantial amount of time tend to lean towards eating just one or two types of meat.  It seems some live simply on steaks and/or burgers. They also report that this is through choice because its what tastes best to them. Let me put my scientist hat on for a second (This hat is a home-made hat with no qualifications or training!). There is lots of research being done on the importance of the gut bacteria and its role in our health.  At least one of the theories from the research is that the bacteria in our stomachs can dictate the type of food we crave. Now, the bacteria that is going to flourish is going to be the bacteria that does well on the type of food we eat most. So if we eat a lot of steak and burgers, the bacteria that does well will be steak eating bacteria and they in turn would make us crave steak.  End of scientific musings!

I do think that the simplicity of this diet is going to do me well.  I am not a great cook, I don’t overly enjoy cooking. I do like steaks and I do like burgers. Win win?? We will see. Maybe I will crack open a packet of pork chops on special occasions.


Dam Keto Diet
So I do a lot of ‘research’ on YouTube. I will search for peoples vlogs that are doing the Zero Carb Diet and see what they have to say, find tips, recipes and advice. When searching for ‘Zero Carb Diet’ you come across some great interviews mainly with Dr Shawn Baker. He is a Surgeon and a record breaking athlete in his 50’s. A very interesting guy that has been doing the Zero Carb Diet for a while now and clearly benefiting from it. I suggest you watch some of his interviews if you haven’t already.

The rest are people who do Keto ‘Experimenting’ with zero carb. These people will experiment with this WOE for 30 days and report their findings. This is ok, but they are loyal to Keto and slightly bias I think.

The worst thing is the amount of videos that have ‘Zero Carb Diet’ in the title or description and what they actually mean is ‘Low Carb Diet’ or ‘Keto Diet’. This is frustrating when you see a title that grabs your interest and it turns out not be what you are looking for.

There is the odd video also telling you how terrible it is to only eat meat and nothing else.


The Over All Lack of Knowledge
There is not a great wealth of information out there. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of it. There is mostly likely more than enough for such a simple diet with not much variety.  Its also not an overly common diet just yet and so the community is smaller than that say of the Keto community.

I think my reason for this being so disappointing for me is that I spent the last 12 months looking at the keto diet and all the sites about Keto and all the flogs and the MILLIONS of keto recipes out there. The keto community have a bunch of very good food bloggers that share all their recipes with the world. So, when I search for Zero Carb, the lack of results is disappointing.  I think I just need to be confident to know I have enough.  I have joined a great Facebook group that is a font of knowledge with a whole range of people from newbies to 10 years plus veterans.  If I get permission from the group owner to share their page here.


These are not show stoppers for me, just a few points that I have had issue with.  But despite all that, I feel I have everything I need and am in the right mind set. I am excited to get started and see what this diet can do for me.

My start weight is 23st 5lbs (327lbs) – I will report in after my first week!