Its been a week (well a week and 2 days actually) since I started the Zero Carb Diet and I have lots to report. I have had some issues buts all in all its been a good week. I am going to try and structure these weekly updates so I have consistence week to week.

Weight Loss This Week: 7lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 7lbs
Current Weight: 22st 12lbs

This weeks positives:

Its been a good week. Considering this is my first week on such a drastic WOE I have been ok.  The first three days I had the expected head aches and carb cravings. They weren’t too bad. I had an incredibly busy week at work so that helped. When trying keto I always found i adjusted very quickly. Here are some of my high points:

I lost 7lbs
That is certainly nothing to complain about. If I had done a diet like this in my 20’s I would have lost close to a stone! But 7bs is AMAZING! I am terrible and weigh myself most days. The scales are in my bathroom so while there, why not? Anyway, all week my weight was up and down by a few pounds each day. Then all of a sudden it dropped and stayed there! I was very pleased!

The cravings didn’t last long
Three days in and I was fine, I had the odd head ache in those days and the cravings were minimal but still there. I had those moments while watching TV and just wanting crisps, but the cravings go quickly. Now the cravings have pretty much gone. I am doing ok with just meat right now.

Some improvement with nerve pain
I get a lot of nerve pain in my feet. It drives me made when trying to sleep as it makes my legs jolt.  Its very uncomfortable. It’s a side effect of diabetes and is always worse when my sugars are high. I still have some pain, but its reduced a lot.  The few weeks leading up to this diet was terrible. They hurt all the time.

Skin Improvements
A year ago, out of the blue I developed Psoriasis. Not just a little bit, but a lot. My arms, legs and body have large areas of it, its very sore, it itches and looks horrible.  Over the last week all areas have gotten much better. Its not gone (far from) but there is a massive improvement. Also, the small amount of dry skin I get on my face has almost gone.  I am shocked how quick this has improved.


This weeks negatives:

I have had very few real negatives if any. Its mainly teething pains. All to be expected when making such big changes. A few issues I have is related to the fact that I haven’t shared this with anyone.  My family and friends know I am dieting, and think its ‘Low Carb / Keto’.  The reason for this is its so drastic and to tell the people who care about you that you are no longer eating fruit or veg AT ALL, EVER, I will not hear the end of it. They struggle with me saying I eat a lot of fat in my diet. So for now until I have some improvements and blood tests that shows my health hasn’t gotten worse, I will keep it to myself.  Also, I am a very big guy, I don’t like to share with people when I am dieting so at work I tend to keep it to myself also.

I have been much hungrier on this diet than I ever was on Keto. Not craving carbs, but actual stomach rumbling hunger. I think I might not be eating enough. I have a fridge of raw meat, and cook when I am eating. If I get hungry just before bed, I have nothing to hand.  I should maybe do a big cook every few days so I have plenty of food to grab.  A few times this week I have had real stomach pains at the top of my stomach from hunger, pain like I have never had before there.  I need to eat more I guess.

Stomach Aches
I mentioned above about the stomach aches when hungry. They have at times been very bad. But I have also had the odd belly ache. Nothing painful, just uncomfortable and makes me not want to eat. Could this just be my body adjusting to this WOE? Is it cheese or eggs doing it to me?  It could be that, I may test this when I am more adjusted to this WOE.  Maybe cut out eggs for a week and see if I get the stomach aches, then try them again and see if it changes.  Then do the same with cheese.

Social Situations
I have been out twice this week with work colleagues at the pub. Food is fine, I can order steak and offer my chips to someone else, but when it comes to drinks I find that difficult. Ordering water in the pub seems crazy. So, I have had some diet cokes this week. Thankfully it hasn’t seemed to given me cravings but who knows if it slowed my weight loss? I need to man up and order water or coffee I guess.  I will see how this goes in the coming week.  If anyone has any suggestions around this, please leave a comment below.

Eating at work
We don’t have micro waves at work, so anything I have will be cold. I am ok with this. I have taken in some pork chops one day, burgers (wrapped in bacon no less!) another day and eggs most days.  One day we had lunch provided in a buffet style. Luckily, they had some plain roast chicken and also cooked salmon and fetta cheese on the salad. I have to confess I am not organised at all and several days I had to get lunch while at work.  Packets of sliced beef…. Boiled eggs…. There isn’t much selection from the small Tesco or Sainsburys near my work. BUT I have managed to get something and have remained on the diet. However, it’s difficult to eat as much meat as I think I should be like this.  I need to be more organised and cook my lunches the night before!

Not eating enough
I have covered this briefly above, but I do not think I have been eating enough. Not because I am trying to do this but because its difficult to eat lots during the day. I can have a big dinner to make up for it, but still I am not sure I am getting enough! For example, today I had a boiled egg for breakfast (I usually skip breakfast as I am not normally hungry in the morning) and then at work I had a packet of sliced beef (about 5 slices, thin). Then at home I made some bacon wrapped burgers and had 3 of them.  That’s it! I have been hungry today, but very busy so its easy to ignore.



I think I have covered everything in the above. I need to try and be more disciplined this week with lunches. I need to try and eat more when I am hungry. Thanks for reading, please leave any questions or comments in the comments below.