A few years ago I went to the doctors feeling rough, with pains and tiredness.  I was tired but couldn’t sleep. I hurt all over from head to toe. I was constantly thirsty and up all-night peeing. I genuinely felt awful ALL THE TIME.

It turned out (as I am sure you have guessed) that I was diabetic. Type 2 of course.  At 25 stone that shouldn’t have been a surprise. I was given medication, and a blood monitor to test my blood sugars.  I had blood tests and lots of appointments with nurses and doctors.  With the medication and some dietary changes, I managed to bring my blood sugars down a bit and I did start to feel better, not great but better.  I even lost a bit of weight.

When I found out I was diabetic I assumed that I would no longer be able to eat sugar or any carbohydrates. No bread, potato, bread or cakes! I knew it would be hard, but I was willing to try it.  I was very surprised when I had my first appointment with the diabetic nurse and was shown a diagram of the food pyramid. I could eat bread, and potatoes and pasta. I was told to just eat it in moderation. If I could eat that sort of food in moderation, I wouldn’t be 25 stone!

I couldn’t understand why I was being told I could eat this type of food. So I started to research low carb diets. I found lots of information and started to eat low carb. It was probably more moderate carb at this point.  The diet was very off and on, I couldn’t keep to it for very long at all.

I started to get numbness in my feet as well as nerve pain too. Blurred vision when my sugars where high as well as other side effects.

My constant research into diets for diabetics finally lead me to the Ketogenic diet. It sounded perfect. The science sounded good, I could see the great results people where having and the food looked great. So I gave it a go.  Again, it was very off and on. I lost weight and when I followed the diet I felt great. I had energy, the side effects of my diabetes almost vanished.

But as always, it took a long time for the weight to start dropping. It was slow going. This was a shock as when younger if I dieted properly the weight would fall off and fast! I can only assume it’s all the extra insulin my body has to make now I am diabetic. Who knows, but the weight loss was slow and I ended up cheating and coming off the diet because of holidays or birthdays and so on.

So Christmas of 2017 I decided in the new year I will go back on the ketogenic diet and give it my best. 100% commitment this time with no cheating or breaking my diet. Then I found some information on the Zero Carb diet and was intrigued. I had often wished I could eat nothing but meat and remain healthy. My wish came true.

I was sceptical at first, how can we eat no veg and be healthy? Its silly to think that is healthy isn’t it? It took some time for me to accept that FAT was healthy for us and now I fully understand the science of that and it makes sense. A few years back I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying fat was healthy. So I decided to do some research in the zero carb diet and see who has been doing and the results. There is not that much information around compared to other diets like the keto diet. There are lots of vlogs on keto and low carb, but very very few for Zero Carb.

That is part of the reason I decided to do this site, to try add to the information out there.  There are a few very good sites for Zero Carb and I hope I can build a site half as good as theirs using my own experiences.

After the information I could find, I decided to give the Zero Carb diet a try, and as I do I will record here on this site my own experiences, my success and my slip ups and everything in between.

I am going to end my first post here as I have to go buy a ton of meat now!

I hope to be back with a post when I have started the diet!

Wish me luck.