The modern world is dealing with an obesity epidemic, its one of the reasons people head for the zero carb diet. Obesity is the main reason for the rising number of lifestyle diseases around the world. While the awareness to live a healthy and active life is on the rise, but how to go about it is still an unanswered question. We here know that the answer is more fat and the zero carb diet helps with that. Everybody is different, and every other person has their own theory about losing weight. However, Gary Taubes uses logic in his book ‘Why we get fat?’, and some people might agree with him.


Carbohydrates – the biggest enemy, says Gary
Gary focuses on a point consistently that it is the carbohydrates that are causing the obesity epidemic. He says, and puts in a lot of logic with it, that if sugars and carbs are cut down from the daily routine, no one will get fat and will shed the extra weight. If what he says is true, then most of the diets people are following today are simply wrong. People are starting to see this I think. The popularity of the keto diet and the zero carb diet is testament to that.

A book for the lay-man
For anyone who has read Gary’s previous work ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’, will find this book a summarised version of the same. However, Gary states that this book is meant for the common man to read and understand their body and a healthy lifestyle. The book Good Calories, Bad Calories was an extensive work by Gary on more or less the same topic – Why we get fat?

Two sections of the book
Gary has divided the book into two sections. The first part talks about what we actually think about getting fat, and how we all blindly follow the calorie-in/calorie-out theory in our daily lives. The second part of the book talks about the science of fat accumulation and the real reasons why the population is actually getting fat. The hypothesis given by Gary is eye-opening, and the logic that support his reasons is very much believable.

In the end
To sum up, the arguments set out by Gary are not easy to defend to those that have been told for a life time that fat is bad. I sometimes still look at my plate and ask myself how this can be good for me. In the last few years of researching keto and zero carb diets, I have spoken to many people who quote this book as being the reason they cut the carbs. That said he words go against what the dietitians and nutritionists have been sayings for decades. Its been drummed in to us that fat is bad and will kill us, and only now is their real science showing this is wrong.  Its hard for people to shift their entire view on the subject.

This book is an essential read to anyone on the zero carb diet. It answers all those questions that we get asked. If you can get to grips with the information in this book, you will be able to set any one straight when they question your way of eating. If you have a loved one you can see desperately needs to cut out the carbs to save their life, then this book might just save them.

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