Well, that’s the end of my second week on the Zero Carb Diet done and dusted. I have lost a bit more weight so I am happy about that. I ate more food than last week and have been more prepared and taken lunch to work each day. I haven’t had any cheese (not really planned just happened that way) and no fizzy drinks. I haven’t been out anywhere to have fizzy drink which has helped. I still haven’t ordered water in a pub or bar yet! Over all its been a good week. Here is the report:

Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 9lbs
Current Weight: 22st 10lbs

This week’s positives:

I lost 2lbs
I have been reading online that some people when they first adopt this way of eating actually put weight on for a while. I am very grateful I am not one of those people.  The weight loss for me isn’t as drastic as it is for some, but the numbers are changing in the right direct. I am a big guy and a lot of what I have lost so far will be water weight I guess and so it isn’t noticeable yet.  I did weigh myself mid-week and I was 22st 8lbs which would have been a 4lb loss instead of just 2 but when I weighed today I was 22st 10lbs.

General sense of wellbeing
I am feeling pretty good this week, I have more energy than normal and I have been sleeping well. Not getting up in the night to pee is a big factor with this. I have a short but very steep walk to my office from the train station in the morning and that seems easier. I also went walking with a friend from work at lunch this week. Not planned it just happened.  Over all, feeling very good.

More improvement with nerve pain
I mentioned last week that the nerve pain in my feet has gotten better, and that has continued. Not much of an improvement from last week but I still notice it. I am very happy about that.

Great skin
Again, I mentioned this last week that my skin has improved. It has continued to improve and it seems to be getting a bit better all the time. The first week was a dramatic improvement and now that has slowed down. I should also mention that I am on medication for my Psoriasis and if I was stop that I imagine my skin would get worse, but I was on medication before the change in diet and that hasn’t changed since. So this WOE has helped.

This weeks negatives:

I am not sure if I should really have this as a negative as hunger is a natural state to be in. But I am much hungrier than I ever was when I was doing Keto. I am not sure why this is as I am still in a state of ketosis which is what stops us feeling hungry. I imagine most people on the Zero Carb Diet would have come from a keto diet so maybe I could try and find an answer to this.  I have read that some people have massive appetites when they start and then that eventually dies down. The hunger is less this week than it was last week, but it is making me crave food more.

I have been craving sweet food a bit more this week than last. Not enough to cause any real issue but I have had a few moments when I have seen sweet food and its made me crave it.  I guess carb cravings is something that will rear its ugly head for the rest of my life, I guess it just gets less over time. I quit smoking three years ago, and every once in a while, I will crave a cigarette, it only lasts for a few seconds then goes.


I know coffee is allowed on this WOE but not ‘optimal’.  I have cut down the amount of coffee I drink but I can not seem to cut it right out altogether. I hope I don’t have to. I do worry that I use it as an appetite suppressant. Once or twice I have had coffee instead of food when food wasn’t available. Maybe this is something I just need to keep an eye on!

Eating at work
This is still an issue, but this week I have taken lunch in every day. A mixture of burgers (bacon wrapped of course!), Pork chops, boiled eggs, Bacon! I have to eat this cold as I have no way to reheat the meat at work. I am getting a little fed up with cold burgers, well cold meat in general. But its all I have for now.

Still not eating enough and getting bored.
I have eaten much more this week, but feel I still do not get enough. This mainly because I do not have an endless supply of meat at work. My other issue is I the lack of variety. Now this isn’t going to make me eat off plan but it is getting dull.  I am not enjoying my steaks like I did the first week, maybe I need better quality meat? I need to get online and find some interesting recipes to try!

As I said, its been a good week. My weight is down, my energy is up and I am feeling good.  I have some questions I need to look up this week and some things to work on.  I think the issue of not eating enough will continue due to work but I feel this is less of a problem than it was in week one. I am making sure I am preparing more food so I have things to eat right out of the fridge.

I have some concerns for next week. I am away with work all week and the place I am staying provides our food.  Breakfast will be fine as it’s a buffet and I can fill up on bacon and eggs.  Lunch and dinner however is served as a carvery. I know there will always be meat every day, but I know the portion size of the meat will be small as you are expected to have the potatoes and veg with it.  I know I am not going to get enough food next week. I know I will NOT eat off plan but it will be a long hungry week for sure.

I also have the issue of sitting down with colleagues with just meat from the carvery and have to explain why I have nothing else and what a small I dinner I have. I will cross that bridge when it comes to it.