This has been a long week for me. I have been away with work for the week and all my food has been provided by the hotel I was staying in.  Luckily at every meal they did have meat available. Lunches were easier as they had a salad bar with cold meats, boiled eggs and cheese. Dinner was not as great. It was a carvery style meal. So, I did get meat, but no were near as much as I would have liked.  Even though I didn’t have as much as I would have liked I wasn’t ever really left hungry.

My other change this week is I have been incredibly thirsty. If I am not constantly drinking my lips and mouth get very dry. I used to have this when my sugars were really high but seeing I am eating no carbs at all, I doubt it is that.  I am hoping this is part of the adaptation stage.

Weight Loss This Week: –2lbs (That’s right, I went UP 2 lb’s)
Total Weight Loss Since Star: 7lbs
Current Weight: 22st 12lbs

This week’s positives:

No Hunger
I haven’t had any issues with hunger this week. I have eaten less than normal, less than I would have liked. Yet not once have I felt overly hungry. I would rather eat as much as I need, but I was pleased that while that amount of food wasn’t what I need I didn’t feel sick and hungry.  Made the week easier for me.

I have been feeling good. Its been a busy week and I have been feeling very well rested. I was falling to sleep easily and waking just as easy.  When I wake up, I don’t have that sleepy tired feeling that makes you not want to get up. I wake up feeling well rested which I haven’t felt for a very long time. I can hardly remember the last time I slept so well.

More improvement with nerve pain
This has been an on-going improvement week to week. This has also helped with sleeping better as I used to have nerve pain as I tried to sleep.

Great skin
My skin has continued to improve every week too.  I am still on my medication but the amount of cream I use has reduced. I just don’t need them as much. I did at the end of the week have a small issue with my skin which I will explain in the negatives section.

Resisted Cake
While away with work this week I have turned down cookies, cake and ice cream around 5 times a day. I have been working in a conference centre who supplies warm fresh cooked cookies in the room and is replenished around 3 times a day. They also in the afternoon have an assortment of cakes and treats. At lunch and dinner the restaurant has a very large selecting of deserts, that normally I would have enjoyed.  At times I did crave some of the treats but resisted. Quite often I didn’t crave anything, or even feel tempted by the food on offer.  I was pleased with how well I have done this week.

This weeks negatives:

Weight Gain
I have put on 2lb this week. I am very disappointed. I have kept to plan and eaten less than normal and still I have put on 2lb’s.  I knew that this was possible but after I lost the first 2 weeks I had hoped that I would continue in the same direction. Alas, that isn’t the case. A slow loss is easier to deal with than a weight gain. Its upsetting to put weight on but with all the positives I have seen with this diet I can not complain too much.

I am a real coffee addict. I love coffee and I love it strong. Strong black coffee is my drug of choice (along with all the carbs I used to consume too) but over the last few weeks or so my taste has changed and coffee is in the main, just too strong for me. I tried to deny it for a while as coffee is one of my treats I enjoy.  Because of this I have hardly drunk any coffee over the last 2 weeks. I just don’t enjoy it. I may have had the odd very weak coffee but not much.  This week however I decided to try green tea, which in the past I have not enjoyed at all.  But I tried it again, and my new taste buds LOVED it. So the last few days I have been drinking lots of green tea. On about day three of my green tea binge my face started to get a bit red and dry like it used to before this diet.  I was questioning if it was the tea or not. Could it be a reaction to the caffeine? Last night I had a green tea at a friend’s house and it was strong and I enjoyed it.  But later that night the skin on my chest became itchy and dry and I scratched it till it was sore. Today I have woken up with a sore chest from all the scratching and the redness from this flare up.  I am wondering if this is to do with the caffeine in the green tea?  I might have to cut tea and coffee out totally and see if there an improvement. Maybe in a few weeks I will introduce the green tea again and see if I have a similar reaction.  I am happy with just drinking water if that is all I can tolerate but I would like a tea or coffee once in a while.


Its been a tough week in terms of getting the right amount of food and coming to the realisation that I no longer enjoy coffee anymore. On top of this I put on weight. I think after a week of having to resist so much temptation and not having the reward of weight loss is a kick in the gut! I have to just keep in mind that I have had so many other positives with this WOE that regardless of weight loss my health and body is improving. I am still very determined to continue with this WOE and I do not see that changing at all.  This week has maybe not ended on such a high, but I know I am heading in the right direction and things will get better.